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Forensic investigation

Theorem consulting developed a proven methodology in the way we approach investigations taking a phased approach based on each client’s individual requirements. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to facilitate:

In consultation with clients and to manage client expectations, Theorem would consider, based on a particular need, to appoint a permutation of experts consisting of a multi disciplinary forensic capability comprised of:

Theorem conducts professional investigations into fraud, corruption and maladministration within government and corporate settings by employees or outsiders. We are also involved with transnational organised crime with resultant recommendations as to what actions are deemed necessary to resolve the issue at hand. It is important to investigate all incidents. Identification of incident causes, helps to establish preventative strategies for the future.

Investigation provides a point of reference to establish trends in incident causes. Investigations provide the platform whereby organisations can communicate incident information and learn from past incidents. By investigating, the organisation is taking appropriate actions to prevent recurrence of the incident

Our proven investigation process includes: